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Quid novi?
  • 22 July 2020: new article about twin-walls driven ferroelasticity in MgSiO3 bridgmanite, published in Scripta Materialia.

  • 1st July 2020: our project NuMoGO (Numerical Modelling of Grain boundaries in Olivine) was green-lighted and will be funded by the I-SITE ULNE. Learn more

  • 19 February 2020: new article as co-author, about dislocation jogs in MgO, published in Scripta Materialia.

  • 11 September 2019: timelapse video of the construction of the building of the Chevreul Institute, at the University of Lille.

  • 15-19 July 2019: participation to the summer school "Modeling of Materials" in Istres, France.

  • 11 July 2019: invited seminar at ICAMS in Bochum, Germany.

  • 1-5 July 2019: oral presentation at the IIB conference in Paris, France.

  • 15-17 April 2019: co-organisation of the Colloque Plasticité in Lille, France.

Welcome to my personal Web site!

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I am Assistant Professor in materials physics at the University of Lille, France, where I work at the UMET laboratory. My main centers of interest are the mechanical properties, dislocations, and diffusion in complex materials such as ceramics and minerals, which I study with atomic-scale simulations. To know more about my research topics, refer to this page.

After studying physics at the University of Rennes, France, I performed my PhD thesis at the Phymat laboratory at the University of Poitiers, France. After that, I worked as a post-doc researcher at the KIT in Karlsruhe and the Fraunhofer IWM in Freiburg, Germany. Then I worked as a post-doc researcher at the UMET laboratory at the University of Lille, France. You may read more about my cursus on this page.

I am also the author of Atomsk, a code for creating and manipulating atomic systems for simulations and visualization.

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