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About this web site

This modest web site aims at presenting my activities. It also allowed me to learn and master different web languages. I wanted it to be respectful of the W3C norms sothat it is perennial, and is displayed correctly on all web browsers that recognize these norms.


The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community that includes commercial companies like Microsoft, Apple or Google ; non-profit organisations such as the Mozilla Foundation; and individuals. Their common purpose is to define a standard language to allow every user to access the Web no matter the browser he or she is using. Check the W3C website for more information.


No SVG support

The html is the language specifically designed for Web pages. It allows to define a hierarchy in the text (title, subtitle, paragraph...), to build tables, to insert graphics, audio or video elements in the page, etc.

SVG image format is a way to design scalar images. Contrary to pixel-based image formats (bitmap, jpeg, png...), scalar images can be expanded or contracted without quality loss. It uses XML to store the data, which makes this image format particularly suited for the design of web sites, and for the representation of graphs. Pixel-based images are more suited for photos.


The CSS language is used in addition to html to define the style of the document. The CSS file defines the design of the page and elements like the color of the title, its font weight, the position of images, etc.

This web site comes with several style sheets. Chose the one that suits you by clicking the menu "Select a style" in the top left corner, or through the View → Style menu of your browser.


php is a programming language that allows to perform various operations. These operations are run by the server hosting the web site, before it sends you the web page. For instance the server can compute the time, read information from a database, and then send the final result (i.e. the web page) to you. So, instead of receiving a static web page containing always the same informations, you receive a dynamic page, which content can change, and which is suited to what you asked for.

For instance this web site allows you to chose the language, by clicking a flag on the top left corner. Fortunately you don't receive all languages at the same time, that would be a mess! You receive only the language you asked for.


Javascript is a programming language that is executed on your computer. It can be used to make a web site more interactive, with animated menus, etc.

This web site uses a Javascript program to write a text file (called a "cookie") on your computer. This "cookie" is only used to store the CSS style that you selected, sothat the whole web site is displayed in that style on your computer.

Be reassured, this "cookie" saved on your hard drive has the only purpose to enhance your browsing of this web site, nothing else. For exemple, it contains no virus, and it cannot access any other information on your computer.


This Web site is secured with an SSL certificate certified by Let's Encrypt. This type of protection is usually necessary in Web sites that manipulate bank data or personal data (like social networks). Even if this personal Web site does not manipulate such data, the presence of the SSL certificate secures the exchanges between the Web server and your browser, which guarantees the origin and the authenticity of the content, hence it guarantees that the Web page was not altered between the moment it was issued by the server, and the moment it is received by your computer.

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