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This program, which name stands for "Nanotube Structure Calulation", was developped during the Master 1st year research project, and continued over the 2nd year research project. It asks you if you want to build a carbon nanotube, or a boron nitride nanotube; then asks for the chiral indices (n,m); and finally calculates the atomic positions of the specified nanotube by rolling a single sheet of material. It also outputs the geometric properties of the nanotube (cell unit length, nanotube radius...).

It is a very simple program, it can be used to produce rapidly a nanotube structure, for research or illustration purposes.

Click the link below to download the Fortran source code:


Source code


Example of a boron nitride nanotube built with NanoSCal. Left: the chunk of BN sheet; right: the same chunk is rolled to form a nanotube.

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