Dr. Pierre Hirel


University cursus

I studied at the University of Rennes (France), and performed by PhD thesis in the University of Poitiers (France). Click on an item for more information.

2004-2005 : Master Sciences and Technologies 2nd year, speciality Physics for Research, "Physics and Interfaces", Université de Rennes1

During this second year of the Master of Physics, I studied in the following courses during the first semester:

During the second semester, I performed a full-time research project at the GMCM, UMR CNRS/Université de Rennes1, under supervision of Dr. Brice Arnaud, who was also the supervisor of my Master 1st year research project. This project was dealing with theoretical study of electronic and optical properties of boron nitride in its hexagonal and nanotube phases. More information is available on this page. The corresponding manuscript is available here (in French).

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